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Ridesharing comes in various names such as dynamic carpooling, ad-hoc ridesharing, dynamic rideshare, instant rideshare, on-demand rideshare, ad or real-time rideshare. It is not a new concept per se since people have been carpooling since the previous decades. Nevertheless, the idea of sharing a ride becomes more appealing especially in today’s world. Higher fuel prices as well as traffic congestion calls for more practical and wiser measures hence sharing a ride instead of driving separate vehicles to a single and common destination. Ridesharing makes sense nowadays and entrepreneurs are upgrading the concept through top quality services made available today. Ridesharing in the transportation industry started out as a debatable topic but has slowly earned the respect and preference of more and more people around the world.

Helpful Ridesharing Facts
The early part of 2010 witnessed the introduction of several apps launched through technology companies and offering a type of service that supports the concept of sharing a ride. However, in its early phase, the service is quite similar to a dispatched commercial taxi service with a little twist and that is passengers sharing one common ride. According to transportation experts, the service is also coined as ridesourcing and they spotted some differences in its features. Ridesharing in its initial phase is described as a service that uses an app to outsource rides to available commercial drivers. The passengers do not necessarily share a common destination.

Ridesharing became quite controversial since there are sectors that criticized its lack of insurance, licensure, adequate regulation, and training. Nevertheless, the growth of popular apps that reflect the concept of sharing a ride is proof that commuters are slowly accepting and trusting the trend. Companies such as Uber are examples of success stories in this niche although there are still controversies surrounding the ridesharing business.

Ridesharing More and more people prefer the concept and practice of sharing a ride or dynamic carpooling because of its numerous and obvious perks. On top of the economical aspect where you can save time, money, and energy in joining others in a commercial ride, ridesharing is also an environmentally friendly alternative. Single vehicles with multiple passengers would mean reducing cars on the street which means less pollution and carbon footprint per individual. It is also a good viable solution for overcrowded streets and traffic jams. Ridesharing took the world by storm and caught the attention of many governments. In fact, there are countries and cities that provide special HOV or high occupancy vehicle lanes to encourage rideshare practice and service.

share economy options Participating in a ridesharing program is easy and there are numerous apps that allow you to access the service hassle-free. In the recent years, carpooling is a common and informal practice among co-workers who have the same schedules and destination. Nowadays, sharing a ride becomes a more established service with the help of technologically advanced apps. Ridesharing makes life so much easier especially for commuters. Learn more about this type of transport service and access licensed and reliable apps such as RideShare Services today.

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